I am interested in being a candidate for City Commission to focus on important areas that effect the residents of Frankfort now and have long term impacts on the future.  These include:

Candidate Forum Questions

Waste Management


2019 brought demise of city recycling.

Other communities are still capable of recycling glass, paper, and many

more types of
plastic. Our landfill space is decreasing at a fast rate as we
recycle less.
There are steps the City needs to take to reduce the amount of
waste and find better recycling solutions:

  • Encourage businesses to work with suppliers to reduce


  • Propose a shopping bag charge to encourage the use of reusable


  • Promote our municipal water “Frankfort On Tap” improving

       family budgets, dental

       health, and reducing litter.

  • Promote composting of kitchen scraps and lawn clippings at

       home, to reduce garbage

       and create quality garden soil.

  • Adopt a chicken/no roosters ordinance for animal enjoyment

       and home egg production.

  • Introduce a Coop Tour community


Rebuild the City Core

In 2018 Frankfort lost the Convention Center, Expo, the Book
Fair, and graduations. We need new facilities to restore the
vitality of Frankfort.

  • Set priorities for recreation, entertainment, and housing

       facilities in Parcels B and C. We have one opportunity to move

  • Infill downtown and south Frankfort with a balance of historic

       preservation and new structures.

  • Make Frankfort an appealing location for professionals with

       young families by encouraging housing investment.

  • Connect neighborhoods with hiking and bicycle trails. Open

       the Broadway Bridge for non-vehicle use. Install public

  • Remove roadblocks and identify ways to assist new businesses.

  • Ensure that reliable high speed fiber internet is available for

       business and residential use throughout the city.

Economic Questionaire -- Answers

Energy and Environment

Climate change is affecting Kentucky. Weather predictions are
for greater rainfall, higher temperatures, and more intense
storms. Planning is needed to protect residents and property.

  • Promote energy usage at non peak times to keep demand and

       electrical rates low.

  • Encourage the participation in the Home Energy Audits offered

       by the Frankfort Plant Board. Offer a City incentive for
       residents to make the improvements.

  • Legislation to inform future renters of the average energy cost

       of property at the same time as the monthly rent is listed. This
       would promote energy efficiency efforts by landlords.

  • Increase tree planting to shade houses, park benches, and make

       Frankfort more attractive.

  • Sponsor Community Solar projects.

  • Improve the efficiency of city cars and buses by replacing

       them with electric vehicles.

  • Encourage residents to purchase electric cars.

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